Hershey Commits to Adding Plant based Chocolate Products

Hershey Commits to Adding Plant based Chocolate Products
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Chocolate giant The Hershey Company is working on launching more “better-for-you” (BFY) products, including plant-based alternatives.

The company defines the better-for-you category as products serving “various interests, from those seeking portion-control to plant-based ingredients.”

Hershey’s will be expanding this category through a long-term strategy announced this week that includes innovation toward the BYF category of existing products, research and development of new products, licensing agreements to co-create products, and acquisition of brands that deliver BYF options.

“We are the leader in US confection, and also our customers count on us to understand their demands for day-to-day minutes

to understand their demands for day-to-day minutes, seasons, and also special celebrations, providing top-notch and also terrific sampling sweet that comes for every person,” Kristen Riggs, Chief Development Officer at Hershey, stated.

“Broadening our expertise, developing brand-new abilities, and supplying more selections in better-for-you confection is the following large category chance for us to lead.” Hershey generates several popular confections in the United States, including Reese’s peanut butter cups, Kisses, and Package Kat bars.

Outside of the United States, Set Kat bars are created by Nestlé, which is preparing to launch a vegan variation of the renowned bars in selecting markets, including in the United Kingdom. While Hershey’s is currently innovating its BFY category, it has not announced plans to launch vegan Package Kat bars in the United States.