10+ Adorable Then And Now Photos Of Dogs Who Grow Up So Fast

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Moreover, they become a friendly member of our family. And when you see your beloved dog every day, you probably don’t notice how much it has grown up. Especially when you make a little comparison to how it was just a few months ago and you almost can’t believe how fast time goes by. It is wonderful to see them grow up.

For this reason, we collected 25 adorable then and now photos of dogs who grow up so fast. Here’s a list of photos for you guys to enjoy! These photos are so cute that you can’t look at them without saying ‘aww’. Keep on scrolling to check them out!

1. What A Difference Thirteen Months Make.

2. No matter how big they get, they still know they’re your baby.

3. “He’ll Always Be A Puppy To Me.”

4. Some Things Never Change.

5. Little Irwin. Big Irwin! One-year-old today.

6. Growing Up.

7. 2 months –> 3 months –> 4 months –> 10 months.

8. 8 weeks to 8 months.

9. Friends Forever.

10. True Love, 13 years later.

11. Before – After.

12. “How he has grown.”

13. 7 weeks to 7 months.

14. “Then and now.”

15. “He’s still a puppy in my heart.”

16. Two years to the day.

17. One Year Apart.

18. “The day we got our puppy, and 11 years later.”

19. What a difference seven months can make!

20. Girl takes the same photo with her dog every month as he grows up.


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