Little Puppy Was Thrown, She couldn’t Even Cry Yet, Only Searching For Mother’s Milk in Vain

The baby is too small to suffer this.

The puppy is currently living a happy, healthy life.

Meet Nala! This is the point where a man compromises his morals and conscience by discarding a puppy. The infant is too young to hunt for food. Why does he exist?

It hasn't even mastered the art of crying yet, yet spends the entire day looking for its mother's milk. What's her mom's condition like? Nobody is aware of this baby's past.

Nala, who is so cute, wants to find food, shelter, and a fulfilling life. A gracious Ukrainian woman named Lesya Paladich found her and took it with her. She gave Nala food and a hot shower.

Nala's legs are still very weak because she doesn't get enough calcium. They'll have a strategy for helping this infant.

Nala is starting to feel better and likes to joke around after day 5. Although Nala enjoys and gets along with everyone, she especially enjoys playing with cats and spends the entire day doing so.

She lives a warm life in this temporary residence and is upbeat. We're still trying to find her a secure place to live.

After only 15 days together, Nala was fully recovered and was headed for her new home. Have a good life, Nala, and be happy always.