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Mееt Yоgi Thе Dоg With а Hսmаn Fаcе (Vidео)

His owner claims that he is named Yogi and that she thinks he resembles Dr. Phil.

We can guess what you're thinking just by looking at this dog: Did a witch use a spell to transform a conceited prince into a dog? What else might account for this dog's remarkably human-like eyes and thoughtful expression?

Yogi, a Shih Tzu-poodle hybrid (sometimes known as a "Shih-poo"), initially gained widespread recognition after his photo appeared on Reddit. Chantal Desjardins, the 27-year-old owner of Yogi, claims she didn't see how human-like he appeared until all of her friends pointed it out when she shared a video of her family's dog on Facebook and Instagram.

So what kind of dog does Desjardins imagine the one-year-old to look like? She tells PEOPLE, "I appreciate the Nicolas Cage quote. "And Sean Astin," my friend Kristen said.

If you're interested in finding a dog that resembles a human, Desjardin claims Yogi came from a nearby breeder, but won't specify where. The puppy also has a sister named Darla, who is 8 years old, and she might be envious of all the attention he's receiving.

Desjardins claims, "She puts up with him." He just ever tries to toy with her, but she is not amused. He is a relatively common puppy.

He's just a rambunctious dog because he's still a baby. He is still learning everything, Desjardins tells PEOPLE. He will bark at small objects that he is unfamiliar with on occasion, such as a bag on the coffee table.

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Yogi is however becoming accustomed to his sudden internet fame.

Desjardins chuckles tells PEOPLE, "I'm kind of turning into Yogi's manager."

When Yogi's owner was asked what type of job Desjardins thought Yogi would have when he was older, Yogi's owner gave the question some thought.

Finally, she said, "I think [he] would be a talk show host." Like Dr. Phil, perhaps. He is believed to have piercing eyes.