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Dog celebrates 20th birthday and becomes the oldest golden retriever in history

One of the sad things about loving a dog is that their life expectancy is so much shorter than that of humans. They live about 12-14 years on average, so you need to make their time here special.

But some lucky dogs get to live longer than others… like one golden retriever named August, who just celebrated her miraculous 20th birthday.

And what makes it even more incredible is that it makes her the oldest golden retriever in history, according to Golden Hearts.

August, also known as Augie, was born April 24, 2000. The dog had a rough start to life: she had to be rehomed twice, and didn’t find her “forever home” until she was 14 years old, when she was adopted by Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt of Oakland, Tennessee.

The average life expectancy of golden retrievers is only 10-12 years, so Augie was already up there. The Hetterscheidts were the sort of kind family willing to take in senior dogs and give them a good home in their final years.

Little did they know, however, that Augie would keep kicking for years to come, far exceeding anyone’s expectations.

Augie lives with three golden retriever siblings, and the family told Golden Hearts that, despite her advancing age and some kidney issues, she’s “surprisingly healthy” and still goes for daily walks.

This April, the dog celebrated her historic 20th birthday. She enjoyed a birthday party at home with her family and a carrot cake.

Little did Augie know, she was actually making history: by passing 20, she became the oldest golden retriever in history! Nearly doubling the normal lifespan of a golden retriever, this dog is a true inspiration.

Happy birthday, Augie! Congrats on your record-setting achievement, and here’s to many more!

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